Lancaster, Massachusetts

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Lancaster Youth Baseball and Softball Rulings for All-Star Play:
  1. In order for a player to be eligible for the All-Star Team, they must have played in 50% or more of the regular season’s games for their spring league, which include playoffs at the end of the regular season.  Where there may be an odd number of games in the regular season, you round down to the 50% number.  For example, if there are 13 games in the regular/post-season, they must have played in 6 or more games.
  2. An All-Star coach or assistant coach must have been a rostered coach during that regular season’s program, and must be Babe Ruth certified.
  3. All-Star team rosters cannot consist of less than 12 players and no more than 15 players (some players may be selected for an All-Star team but may be used as an alternate player only)
Things to consider before participating in All-Stars:
  • The player (and the family) has to want to participate. All-Star play is far more competitive than regular season baseball. It involves a significant time commitment for practices and tournament play, plus includes some travel and additional expenses.
  • The player needs to be available for practices and games. Tournaments are scheduled by the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth/USA Softball organization. Lancaster Youth Baseball and Softball has no control over scheduling.
  • If you think your child would like to be considered for All-Star play, but he or she is going to be unavailable (ie: away on vacation) during the tournament itself, or for a significant number of team practices, this is probably something they may not want to pursue.  Contact a the Board of Directors for guidance.
  • If a player and family want to be considered, and the player will be available, he or she must be selected for All-Star play. Unlike our regular season – which emphasizes inclusion – All-Star rosters are limited. Players are selected by team coaches based on feedback from coaches from regular season play, past all star experience/results, as well as results from any open tryouts amongst their peers. (Open tryouts are held at the discretion of the team manager’s and are not mandatory)
  • All playing time will be at the manager’s discretion based on Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth/USA Softball tournament rules.  NOTHING IS GUARENTEED.
  • Players and families that try out and/or selected for All-Star play should be committed to be available for all district, state, regional, and national tournaments, if their team should progress that far. Generally, this commitment means availability through early August. This process can involve quite a bit of travel, meal planning, potential for additional tournament entry fees and potential overnight hotel stays. Lancaster Youth Baseball and Softball wants to remind families that any and all expenses incurred as a result of All-Star play are the responsibility of the player (and the player’s family).